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Celeste Portland, OR November 3, 2015

I just wanted to send a message to the guys thanking them for the impact they had on Chelsea’s final days. Childhood cancer sucks, especially when you learn it’s termimal. My girl was amazing – though she did have many rough days. On those rough days she held tight to her memories of meeting you… and her anticipation to see you again was one of the few things that she got excited about. I can’t tell you the hours that your encouragement impacted. Thank you for that. Her last days, she begged me to invite you all to a bbq. Had she been physically up for it, I probably would have – I would have done anything to make every moment count for her…. Her favorite song that you did was “Take Me In”. Our last night with Chelsea was very difficult – much worse than I had anticipated. It wasn’t peaceful, and as the hours passed on, I felt myself getting more and more angry with God. I had heard so many stories of people passing – and the peace they had. It was very confusing for me, for I wondering how God could use such a painful, gut wrenching time for good. Why couldn’t she peacefully fade off to sleep like so many others? I still don’t understand, but I do trust that His ways are not our ways. So almost 15 hours later, my baby suffocating in my arms – the Lord finally revealed Himself, and He used you. During the night, I had sung a worship song to her. I wanted to sing it again, and I couldn’t remember the words. It was so hard, because I just wanted to comfort my girl – and the words wouldn’t come. But then the Lord reminded me of her love for “Take Me In”. I held her, her lips pressed against my cheek, and sang it over and over. Each time I came to the words, “Take the coal, touch my lips, here I am ” I would kiss her on the lips. I could tell from the first time I sang it through that it was bringing her much comfort. Of course, I sang it over and over and over – kissing her each time. This went on for a while, and the Lord spoke and told me when to just sing that last verse over and over. As I sang, the Lord reminded me about what that last verse means – how we are cleansed by Christ. He reminded me of all the conversations that Chels and I used to have – where she would confess all her junk, worried that she wasn’t saved. I realized that we hadn’t had one of those conversations in a couple of months. Like me, Chelsea was good at stuffing things. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully, and I was able to remind Chelsea that it didn’t matter how many mistakes she made, how many bad thoughts, how imperfect she was…. she was saved and Jesus loved her so much. I could feel her relax in my arm – and her breaths continued to grow further and further apart. The Lord met me, her and Jeff so powerfully. I realized it was drawn out, because she wasn’t ready. My baby, who didn’t like to spend the night at people’s homes because she would get home sick, who wouldn’t go to camp for the same reason…. she even dragged her feet going to Heaven! After singing and talking I prayed – and with my final words, “Jesus, I give my baby to you” she took her last breath.

Thank you for doing that song. Thank you for visiting my girl, for praying for us. Chelsea was sweet – she was very concerned about not “idolizing” you as a typical teenager would… but she sure looked up to you and enjoyed your music. Because of that, you will always hold a special place in my heart. I consider you friends – though we may not even meet again until that great day in Heaven. I will continue to lift you up – prayer for you, your families, your ministry. Of course, we used that song on the Memorial slideshow. I can send you a copy if you’d like. Press on guys. God is using you mightily. Your sis in Him, ~Celeste

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Robert McCann November 3, 2015

Hi my name is Rob McCann. I just wanna thank you and thank God for giving you the ability to write such a great emotional, uplifting song. I lost my beautiful wife Katrina on March 9, 2012 at age 33. She was in a wheelchair her entire life. She suffered from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), a form of md and seizures the last 4 years of her life. We were together 8 yrs, married 5 of those 8 years. I took care of her for 8 yrs. Some people say I added 8 yrs to her life, but I disagree she gave me 8 wonderful years. She showered me with a love that is so hard to find. Well, the first time I heard ” Even If “, it touched my heart. Because I know and believe that although God didn’t heal her earthly body, He decided to give her eternal healing, that I feel she deserved. I miss her so much, but yet I am so happy my wife is experiencing eternal health and happiness. ” Even If ” continues to touch my heart and soul everytime I listen to it. P.S. I truly believe God works all things for our good.

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Mike Brentwood, CA November 3, 2015

I have been a believer and Christian from a very young age. Baptized at Nine years old and raised on the fundamentals of the Holy Bible. In my Teens, I fell away due to drugs, fornication and basically a secular Lifestyle. As I grew older and wiser, GOD was always there, on the Backburner. I basically believed but wanted to do my will, not God’s. I am now in my 30’s. Drugs and sex are a thing of the past, although I was not close to GOD. A Christian co-worker gave me an extra copy of “Strongtower” and thought I might like it. After listening the first time I was floored. This music was fresh, hip, contemporary, heavy , rockin and uplifting. I absolutely loved it. Searching on itunes one night I found a double album of “Hearts & Strongtower”. Needless to say I was listening a lot to this whenever I wanted to hear some positive uplifting music. At this time I was still listening to my secular music, feeling empty afterward. Recently, I was on Itunes and saw “to know that you’re alive” and immediately downloaded the album. I didn’t care about listening to one song, I knew it was going to be awesome. Your new album is your best yet and is beyond great. Well, this sparked a renewed interest in Kutless and soon I was watching videos on Youtube, downloading your original album as well as “Sea of Faces”. The Holy Spirit began to speak to me through your glorification of GOD in music. I am now in a great church, attend a Bible study weekly, listening to nothing but Christian artists & READING MY BIBLE NIGHTLY!!! This was not the me I had previously known. Very out of character. I began to have fellowship with the six Christians at work and I am transformed. GOD has finally nabbed me and I am his. Kutless……. every band member, new and old, I want to thank you for being true to yourselves. Thank you for your musical testimonies. I will always regard Kutless as my favorite band to listen to when I need to relate or glorify the living GOD. You guys are amazing and I thank GOD for you. GOD BLESS KUTLESS! GOD has changed my life and he used your band as a tool to help shape this transformation. Thank you. Mike-Brentwood,CA.

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Melissa Buckbee November 3, 2015

Dear Kutless,

I wanted to share our Christmas letter we sent out last year with you which explains the miracle we’ve experienced over the last 11 months. And to also tell you about how your song “What faith can do” touched the lives of my husband and I as we have seen the miracle of our 4th child (in 4 % years ©) from beginning to end. The first time I heard this song I wept thinking about how fitting the words were to our miracle… It is best explained through our Christmas letter…

Her Name is “Praise the Lord”

Merry Christmas! I hope this letter finds you and your family well. With all of the uncertainty in our lives, I thought this year’s Christmas letter needed to be about a miracle our family has experienced over the last 6 months, and I hope it would renew your faith in our most powerful God, as this miracle has renewed our own.

Paul and I very unexpectedly found out we were pregnant with baby #4 on 7/15. Everything was going great until the morning of 8/3 when I started to bleed heavily. My regular OB was out of town for the week, so I called the maternal-fetal medicine specialist (OB for high-risk pregnancies). He told me to come in for a heartbeat check. I went in and they were able to see a strong heartbeat but also found a very large hemorrhage about an inch above where the baby implanted. The doctor said that the hemorrhage was so large that the pregnancy would more than likely end in miscarriage, but as long as I continued to bleed and not pass the baby, I could come in for daily heartbeat checks. I immediately asked God to put a hedge of protection around the baby. So over the next two days I went in for the heartbeat checks and they were able to visualize them, but with each passing day the bleed continued to get closer and closer to the baby. Wednesday evening was the worst of the bleeding. With so much blood-loss, from Monday morning to Wednesday evening I lost 6 lbs. Thursday morning, I knew I had to expect the worst, but I continued to pray for the hedge of protection. They did the ultrasound and found that the bleed extended under, over, and around the baby. The baby was found to have no heartbeat. I was devastated—but at the same time, prepared, knowing the medical likelihood of a loss.

He told me I could talk about options for the miscarriage with him or I could see my regular OB. I told him I’d just go to my regular OB’s office. Later that day, I did, and my regular OB’s partner gave me an ultrasound and showed me not only the absent heartbeat but the breaking open of the gestational sac (the actual medical report says, “No cardiac activity after 3 minutes observation—Diagnosis: Inevitable Abortion.”) She prescribed me Cytotec, a pill to induce contractions. I wanted to miscarry naturally, but I filled the prescription anyway.

At our kitchen table that evening, I sat with the pills in my hand for a couple minutes. It was then that I prayed to God and told Him I was thankful that I would see this baby girl (I just had a feeling it was a girl) again in heaven. I told Him that I asked Him for a miracle, but I knew He had other perfect plans for us. Then something inside me said, “Ask again.” I thought—surely not! I mean, the baby was already gone! But I remembered reading in Matthew what Jesus did in bringing life back into a little girl. And I knew He had the power to do the same miracle today. So I put the pills back into the bottle and prayed the craziest prayer I ever prayed in my life—I said, “Lord, miracles are not miracles for You— Please bring life back into this baby.”

On Saturday (8/8) I was on my way to the County fair with my mom when I started having terrible dizziness and shortness of breath. I have a history of blood clot problems, so to rule out pulmonary embolus I went to the ER. They wanted to do another ultrasound to see how the miscarriage was progressing. I just lay on the ultrasound table so emotional and, knowing I had not passed the baby yet, I asked the ultrasound tech to see the baby one last time. The ultrasound tech zoomed in on the baby and I SAW A HEARTBEAT!! I said, “Is that a heartbeat??!!” and the tech, knowing only the short of my story said confused, “Well, yes—it is.” I just broke down and started crying, “I ASKED FOR A MIRACLE! I ASKED FOR A MIRACLE!! DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO I PRAYED TO?!” I think the entire radiology department at St. E’s thought I was NUTS! The ER doc told me that this was “strange” but I was still pregnant.

Monday morning, I called the specialist who was the first to confirm the death of the baby. He asked me to come see him right away. When I arrived, he was speechless… He saw the heartbeat and just kept shaking his head saying, “This was impossible”. I saw my regular OB when she got back from vacation, and after the ultrasound she said, “I know exactly what happened.” I thought, wow—this oughta be good… She said that the baby which the other obstetricians saw had to be a twin which “vanished”. I had heard of vanishing twins before, and being scientifically minded myself, I told my OB I would accept this explanation without hesitation if she could just explain to me, further, how two completely competent OBs missed the “now-fully-and-always-flourishing” baby 2 millimeters away from the demised twin… She said she couldn’t explain this. I said, “I can—Medicine cannot explain what God places above it. This is a miracle.” She said there was no such thing as “miracles”.

The fetal-medicine specialist, to whom I immediately transferred my care, said this “vanishing twin” theory was not a possibility having observed, himself, the single-gestation with ultrasound for the 4 consecutive days prior to death of the baby. With this in mind, he was a little more accepting of the miracle explanation, but he’s said, “…the Pope would first have to call it a “miracle” in order for him to call it one.”…hmmm… I just told him that it is what it is no matter who calls it what.

We’ve said, “Praise the Lord” so much over the course of this miracle, we thought the name Hallelujah was perfect for her. We call her “Halle” for short. Please keep us in your prayers as the pregnancy continues to be complicated. She is due 3/28/10.

I don’t know why God chose to answer my desperate request for a miracle. He has not answered all for which I’ve prayed before. But I do know that God has a perfect will for each of our lives, and He wants us to ask Him for the impossible. He wants to show us Who He Is. I pray you trust the same One—the Lord of the elements of His creation—to take control of your life. Surrender your fears and faith to Him who is more than able.

Have a great year—we love you! The Buckbees

I gave birth to Hallelujah on March 11—almost 3 months ago and she’s absolutely perfect. I have enclosed Halle’s medical records which document her life, death and then life again… I wanted to tell you this story and thank you for writing “What Faith Can Do”. It has been Halle’s theme song…and I still can’t hear the song without tearing up praising the One who “made her broken heart brand new”.

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David Eaton, OH November 3, 2015

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Kutless by my best friend Dylan in 2002. It was the first album. I got addicted right away. Being with my friend Dylan however, was my only way and source of knowing God, and church. My family didn’t go and the only way I could go, or listen to anything Christian was to hang out with Dylan. Dylan and I spent all of our high school years together. Dylan always kept me on the straight and narrow. He was a good accountability partner that way. We were always in church because we were crazy about our youth group and just crazy for praise and worship. As the years went on and I graduated the year before Dylan in 2003 from Eaton Ohio, I moved onto college. Once their at Miami University, I got INSTANTLY drafted into the party life. Dylan and I soon drifted. I loved college for the simple fact of beer and women. It became my life. I would go to class all week, work on weekdays, and party all weekend. (Like it was 1999) I would sober up enough to go to church on Sundays. Church mainly became a social even for me and some of the people I went with, I was with on Saturday night partying with. It was almost like a club we had going. I eventually left college to join a police academy. I would still drink all weekend long and try anything that came my way. Apart from all that, I was in 5th in my police academy class out of a class of 78. I had a sit down with my instructor one day and he told me, “Dave, with your eyesight the way it is….you can continue on with the academy, but I want you to know, you may never get hired.” I was discouraged. I left, came back home, and hit the bottle harder then ever before. I immediately got a job as a delivery driver and my drinking went up from their. In a time span of two years (2003-2005) I was getting drunk on a daily basis to wear it was breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never knew, or saw that by leaving the only Godly influence in my life that it could destroy me. Driving home drunk one night on a back country road, I was looking for a CD. Just anything really to keep my alertness up and concentration. I stumbled upon the first album of Kutless. The funny thing was, I never remembered putting that CD in my truck. Almost as if God planned for this night to happen and put the CD in my truck for me. Flipping through the songs on the seek button like I was trying to keep a beat, I stopped on “Vow”. Hearing those lyrics like it was the first time all over again, “Another year has come and gone, and nothing has changed. I’ve wasted another year, doing the same old thing” I had to stop my truck….and cry. After that night, all I could do was listen to the song “Vow.” I drove my self to church that very next day in a suite and tie. Something I hadn’t done in a loooong time. The whole way their I was shouting, yelling, beating on the steering wheel (If it were alive, I probably would’ve knocked it out) singing along and feeling new! It was the best high of my life! Better then any beer, girl, belonging or substance could bring me. I was for the first time in over a year, alive! It was October 22, 2005. The day, and the year, I was born again. I recommitted myself to the Lord. As the lyrics go on….”I’m crying out to you now as I make my new years vow, I’ll tell you I love you and I honor you, somehow. hear my promise to you in my new years vow I give you all of me, you’ll be all of my life and I’ll never think twice to do all that you have for me, in my new years vow”, that became my prayer and my pledge. Its every day that is a gift and should not be taken for granted. And every day is a year ago from that day. I’ll NEVER forget my prayer, my pledge I made that night. That song has touched my life and became my corner stone to recommit to God. Thank you so much Kutless for listening to God and for for spreading the word through your music. It has blessed my life time and time and again. Because of the grace of God intervening in my life that night with your music, I was delivered from addiction. Thank you, and God bless. With much love, Dave Mitchell. Eaton Ohio. _________________________________________

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Alexandra George November 3, 2015

My husband and I have been HUGE fans of Kutless probably since the beginning. So when the new album, “Believer”came out, we of course ran out and purchased it. That was in October of 2011. Before we had a chance to listen to the whole cd, my father contacted me and told me he was leaving my mother after 30 years of marriage. Naturally, I was devastated. My family and I are all Christians (to be specific, Fundamental Baptists), so divorce is never an option. And now I had my father telling me there was no love in their marriage and he was sick of living a lie. He felt God was okay with his decision. I have 3 younger sisters that all took this news horribly. It has nearly split up our family. A few days after this happened with my parents, I was cleaning my house, listening to the “Believer” album, and “Even if” came on. I remember it clearly – I was sweeping my kitchen at that point and I just broke down sobbing. That song reminded me that even if this hurt never goes away, God is always there for me, for my whole family, walking us through this. My prayer is that my parents will get back together, but if the healing never comes, I know God won’t ever leave my side. This song really comforted me in my time of need. Thanks for your music, Kutless.

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Dana Burk November 3, 2015

This is just a quick… uh… okay… extremely LONG note to let you know that I have officially become your biggest fan!

I’ve enjoyed your music ever since I was first introduced to it a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact, my husband and I are the youth ministers for a small group of incredible kids and in 2008 when we chose a name, we insisted on “Strong Tower Youth” Can you guess what song we play every Wednesday night? I bet you can! 🙂 Last spring we attended Young Christian’s Weekend at Silver Dollar City. We traveled several hours just to hear Kutless. We waited all day. It was sleeting/snowing/raining and FREEZING! The rides were all closed due to the weather but the kids insisted on staying for the concert. They were SO excited! Then… came the bad news…. remember… yep.. Jon Micah was snowed in at an airport! Total bummer! The kids were a little disappointed but completely understood. We were suppose to leave early the next morning, but we called all of their parents and fortunately were able to stay long enough to see your early worship service. We missed the actual concert that afternoon but they did hear Strong Tower Live! So they were completely content! 🙂

Okay… so thanks to a great group of kids, so starts my Kutless fascination. Then many months later, I’m driving home and “Shut me Out” comes on the radio. I had heard this song a hundred times before, but suddenly the words began to sink in. It was EXACTLY the way I had been feeling. It was during a time in my life when it seemed all four walls were closing in on me. People that I had known and loved all of my life where turning on me. They were making choices in their lives that biblically I could not support. God began dealing with me on the TRUE meaning of LOVE. Love is not idly standing by and watching someone you care about destroy themselves. Love is not patting them on the back and saying..”It’s okay! I understand! You’ve had a hard life or You just don’t know any better.” Love is taking a stand and saying…”If you do not stop…You’re heading down a road the WILL destroy you!” Sometimes Love is tough! If I knew someone would step outside of a building and instantly be struck down by a bus and yet I did nothing to warn them… is that Love? No… Love is doing everything in my power to protect someone even if it means losing them! I felt like I was losing some of the most important people in my life because I was standing for what I felt was right! I loved them… but I did not compromise what is right! “Shut Me Out” hit home at the precise time that I needed it! And you know, In hindsight, I can see how much MORE these people respect me now for not backing down!!

Now comes the big one… “What Faith Can Do” holds a special place in my heart. It is not just some ordinary, feel good tune! Oh no… I have LIVED this song! I truly believe it was written for my family! God inspired… it IS the story of my daughter Serenity!!! Born with three congenial heart defects and later diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy, the doctors told us our options were heart transplant or certain death. Day in and Day out, I stood beside her bed and read healing scriptures over her. The nurses would walk by and stare, but I continue to read aloud. We came extremely close to losing our daughter several times, but we stood on God’s promises for complete healing! There were times when I think the doctors actually thought I was so far into denial that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They began to worry that I was not prepared for what the future held. One doctor kept saying.. “You just don’t understand. This condition ONLY progresses. Your daughter’s heart will continue to harden until it can no longer function.” Then he continued to add all the horrible side effect possibilities that a heart transplant could bring. We were told, a heart transplant usually only lasts an average of seven years, then it must be performed again and usually along with a lung and/or kidney transplant. This can be quite scary when you’re dealing with an infant. What kind of hope of a normal life expectancy does that offer a newborn. If it were not for our Hope in Jesus Christ, we would have had no hope at all. But, it was our doctors job to keep us grounded! So he kept saying..”You just don’t understand.” I looked him straight in the eye and with a big smile on my face, I said…”YOU just don’t understand how BIG our GOD IS.” He shrugged his shoulders and gave me one of those…”well I tried” looks. We never denied the facts…. We knew exactly what our daughter was facing. We just chose to believe the TRUTH! The world said our daughter was sick… but GOD said our daughter WAS HEALED. We chose to believe the God who can NOT lie! Several weeks later, after a heart transplant evaluation and after a doctor’s report to be placed on the heart transplant list, they performed a third heart cath and the results were amazing! The myopathy was GONE! The condition that is known to ONLY progress, completely resolved! They immediately withdrew her name from the list! A few weeks later, she did go through open heart surgery, but sailed through it. Today she is three years old and she is transplant free, medication free, and I am energy free from chasing her! 🙂 She continues to have annual checkups and her doctor continues to be amazed! Last checkup, he said she had NO restrictions because her echocardiogram looked perfect!

After I heard “What Faith Can Do.” I immediately went home and set her testimony pictures to the music. Serenity watches her youtube video several times a day and she has declared it… HER SONG! If anyone tries to sing along, she screams..”NO! Don’t you sing that! It’s MY song!” 🙂 One day her 4 year old brother Eli was watching with her and he asked…”Reni why are you in da hospital!” Serenity replied..”Cause my heart was broken, but then Jesus fixed it!” I am so grateful for a Savior who makes broken hearts brand new!!!

Yes… “What Faith Can Do” is the story of my daughter’s life. I absolutely adore the song! I would only make one tiny revision… It should be called “What FaithWILL Do!” 🙂

I bought your latest worship CD for “What Faith Can Do.” But recently I can’t stop listening to “Amazed” It’s been on repeat all day today and I’m planning on using it for worship service on Sunday! So like I said…I am now officially your biggest fan!! The youth group will be traveling to Tulsa Oklahoma February 5th to attend the “Until the whole world Hears tour” with Casting Crowns! How incredibly awesome is THAT team up!! We are completely stoked!! Strong Tower Youth just has one request for you… “This time… please please PLEASE bring a snow plow along to the airport!” 🙂

Okay.. so I’m finally finished! Hope I didn’t bore you too much! May God richly bless your band as you continue to do God’s work! See you in February!! Until then we continue to rock and worship with you!


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Kim Mcnamara Mcnamara November 3, 2015

Hello Kutless! Two weeks after buying “Believer” a good friend, and sister in the Lord passed away due to cancer. The evening before she passed I watched the slide show video of “even if” on youtube. Having been blessed by this song, my thoughts were put in the right perspective, remembering the awesomeness of our God and His ways are not our ways. The healing may not have come in this life for her but God chose to heal her in taking her home. Also, I would like to mention that the entire cd has blessed me spiritually in opening my eyes to Gods mercy and grace, helping me to pull out of a pit that I’ve been in for quite sometime. You are such a blessing to me! May God continue to bless you in all that you do! <3 kim mcnamara 🙂

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Mike Clackamas, OR November 3, 2015

I remember hearing about Kutless right after I got saved… I was living near Eugene, OR, when someone first mentioned them to me. But I really started listening to them after I moved up to the Portland area in 2003. Little did I realize that not only were they from Portland, but the guys all attended my home church up here, Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. Word got out that they were coming back from a tour to lead our church in worship for Easter services last year, right after the release of their worship album, “Strong Tower”. I was so excited to see Kutless live, and in my own church, too! Little did I know the work that God was going to do in me that day… I’ve struggled with anger issues towards my father since I was little. I grew up in a very worldly family, outside of any sort of church. I’d always felt like I played second fiddle to my younger brother, who seemed to get all the attention and affection of my father. I was left to try and meaninglessly impress my father, feeling so betrayed that I had to ‘earn’ his love. The anger really built up over the years, to the point where I moved out of the house by the time I was 16 years old, just to get away from all the problems at home. The holidays away from home always reminded me that I was not really a part of the family anymore… that I had moved on. But the shame of feeling like the outcast in the family, now being the only one ‘in church’ and living away from home, it totally weighed me down with each passing holiday. So at Easter, I joined my new family at ACCF to remember and rejoice in the Lord’s resurrection. Having Kutless there was already making it the most memorable Easter to date, but after hearing “Sea of Faces” at the service, I really took in the lyrics, and what they actually meant. I was walking through downtown Portland in the rain later that day, which anyone who knows Portland knows that it rains like it’s going out of style! But I was listening to that song still… and I heard the lyrics, “If only my one heart was all You’d gain from all it cost, well I know You would have still been a man with a reason to willingly offer Your life.” And at that very moment, I truly recognized how much my Eternal Father loved me, how proud He was of me… and most importantly, how far He was willing to go to be with me. There are so many of us in this world who feel lost and confused about where we stand with our parents. But God told me that day where I stood with my one Father who’s opinion is the only one that matters. He told me loud and clear that day, “I love you, son, and I am so excited to be with you.” I was overcome with joy, to the point I cried for the whole world to see. God gave me worth, and He’s given that to anyone who calls upon His name. Thanks, Kutless, for allowing God to use you and your music to touch my life.

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Kutless Portland, OR November 3, 2015

With the release of our new single “What Faith Can Do”, we have been receiving some very heart-felt stories of how this song has impacted many of you. We wanted to share with you a few quotes of the testimonies people have been taking the time to share with us. It continues to amaze us how God can use 5 guys to encourage and Impact others. “You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created.” Revelation 4:11 I work for the Dept of Education and I’ve had a very rough morning so far with all the budget cuts and not knowing if I’ll have a job next week or not. Everything is so unsure at this point. I’m putting my faith in God because I know that he will provide for my needs whether I have a job or not. If this is where I’m meant to be, than I will stay here, and if God has a different plan for me, than I know he will make it known to me. I heard this song last week for the first time and it is such an encouragement to me. I would love to hear it this morning. Thanks! In Him – Guys, this song is amazing. Music has spoke to me in amazing ways all my life and this song spoke volumes to me the first time I heard it and it continues to speak to me. I am a 53 yr old woman and when I heard “It’s what faith can do” it ministered sooo much to me! We all fall short of his Glory but Thank God for his wonderful Grace and Mercy. He allows us to see the silver lining in the clouds and lets us know there is hope if we exercise our faith. Thank You and God bless Thank You so very much for the song “What faith can do”. You may never know how very deeply it touched me. Having been a Christian for many years and loving music as I do, I can honestly say to you, I have NEVER had a song impact me like this one! I was feeling hopeless and that song gave me strength. Thank You! Last week I was driving back from college when I was saying my prayers for my nephew who is going through some tough times with drinking. My heart was crying out to God. Litterly seconds after my prayer, I turned on KLOVE and heard your song “That’s What Faith Can Do”. I started to cry. It is amazing. God is bigger than all of this. He knows our hearts and hears our prayers. Don’t give up. God Bless. I was just wanting to let you know what a blessing your song “What Faith Can Do” has been to me. I am going through a hard time right now in my life and I was driving home from taking my children to school the other day and heard it. I cried all the way home it was just like you guys were telling me you have the faith just hang on to it. Sometimes when we are going through tough times which it seems like the last year has been bad you know God is there but you wonder sometimes. I just wanted to thank you because I know nothing can stop me now. I have never written a letter like this before, but I just wanted to let you know just how much I really enjoy this song. I am a strong believer that God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. My 22 year marriage is in distress and I have to admit sometimes wonder if it will make it though what I am having to learn to deal with. Anyway, it has gotten to the point that I know the first few keys and know that this song is playing on the radio and sit still in whatever I am doing, close my eyes and cry. This song really speaks to me in my time of sorrow and I just wanted to let all of you know just how much I really do appreciate all you do within your walk with God in order to make a difference in someone else’s life. “This is the only song of Kutless that I like, but it is my favorite of EVERY song I know. This songs hits me so hard, it hurts. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!” —————————————– “wow, this is not the usual kutless. They’re usually too heavy for me, but this song is beautiful.” —————————————– “I love this song!!!!! This song has become my new theme song!! I have had alot of turmoil in my life in the past year and a half and for the first time I am actually thinking clearly because of my faith that had become shaky during the turmoil. I have realized that God will never give me anything that I can’t handle no matter how much I feel like I am drowining!! THANK YOU GOD!!!”