Has the Lord used Kutless or a Kutless song to impact your life, or the life of someone you know? If so, submit your testimony to Kutless at fanmail@kutless.com



Music has had an impact on peoples lives for literally thousands of years and it is undeniable that music can be both moving and powerful. We hope and pray that our music not only glorifies God, but that it also impacts listeners in a positive way. It is always amazing to hear the stories of how our music has been used to impact some ones life and we thought it would be a great opportunity to pass some of these stories along for you to read as well. Here are a handful of real life stories submitted by people all over the world and used with their permission. We hope that these stories encourage you even as they have encouraged us during the many long days that we spend on the road.

For us as a band, we recognize that music can be a very powerful tool. It is a vehicle through which we can convey emotion as well as lyrical messages. This allows music to reach deeper into the listener’s life and often helps them to more closely relate to what is being shared in the lyrics of a song.

We recognize that music can and does have an impact on people and on their individual lives and it is for this reason that this section of the website has come about. Our primary goal as a band is not only to create great music, but more importantly to convey a message of love through our music. The message we send through our music is as vital as the very notes themselves, and we have chosen to use the platform that we have in music to try and impact the lives of anyone who will listen. This inspiration has brought about events that reach far beyond the music ranging from benefit concerts to partnerships with organizations such as Compassion International.

While we continue to find practical ways to make a difference we hope to keep you informed on what we are doing as a band and how you can get involved and join us in our efforts. That is one of the purposes of this section of our website, but we also want to share with you many of the daily stories we receive from you guys.

We are on the road for many days out of the year and it is stories such as the ones included on this page that help remind us that we are making a difference and that there is more to what we are doing than just creating and playing music. These testimonies encourage us when we feel exhausted and discouraged out on the road, and we felt it would be an incredible opportunity to share some of these stories with you.

I challenge any skeptic who claims that God can not change a life, to read the stories of these very real people who have allowed us to share their experiences through this page. No argument is more powerful than a testimony and we hope that these stories encourage and inspire you. May these stories be a testament that God is real and His love can reach through any obstacle using anything, even something as clumsy as five guys in a band playing rock n’ roll.

- Jon Micah Sumrall